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Refrigerator Maintenance: Why Is it Important?

Is refrigerator maintenance an area you prioritize? It may not be easy to remember, but maintaining your refrigerator can prevent many problems that could potentially ruin it before the end of its intended useful life. Is your appliance struggling and in need of a tuneup? Here’s what you need to know about refrigerator maintenance to preserve your investment.
How Long do Refrigerators Last?

According to a 2007 study by the National Association of Home Builders and Bank of America Home Equity, refrigerators should function for at least 13 years. Homeowners can take a number of steps to extend the life of their refrigerator, but it starts with building a regular maintenance schedule and making cleanliness and smooth operation priorities. Avoid refrigerator repairs and maximize efficiency by following these maintenance suggestions samsung dryer repair pasadena.

Clean Condenser Coils and Fan

At least once every three months, remove the grille at the base of the appliance and vacuum the dust, hair and debris off of the condenser coils. In some models, the condenser coils may be on the back. The coils’ purpose is to facilitate cooling by releasing heat, but dust interferes with the maximum efficiency of this function. Also clean out debris lodged in the cooling fan compartment. Most refrigerator cooling fans are located at the back of the appliance behind a panel, which you can remove with a screwdriver. If dust builds up and blocks the fan’s movement, the gears and motors may become damaged and food may spoil.

Clean Interior Vents

Open the refrigerator and freezer and make sure no food is blocking the air flow through any vents. If the appliance is constantly filled to the maximum, it will have a difficult time circulating air through the vent system and may tax the working components unnecessarily.

Clean the Door Gasket

Food and drink drippings and spills can coat the door gasket, the seal that traps cold air inside the appliance. At least once every three months, gently wipe down the gasket seal with warm water to remove food particles and ensure a tight fit between both the door and the opening. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they may damage the gasket material.

Adjust Temperature Settings

Do not keep freezer or refrigerator settings on maximum ? it may overwork the appliance. Put both setting knobs on medium to achieve the desired coolness without causing the refrigerator to constantly run to keep up with demand, which will also serve to lower your monthly energy bill.

Take these refrigerator maintenance tips into consideration to keep your appliance working for 13 years or more. If you have done your maintenance but notice that the appliance’s fan is running constantly, stored food has melted or grown warm, a leak appears at the base of the refrigerator or it shuts off altogether, call a repair company for an assessment of the damage and get a quote for a fix.

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